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Mushrooms, berries, snails

ADEX LT offers a wide range of natural and high-quality forest products, including wild berries and mushrooms, which are available fresh, frozen, dried, or brined. All of our products are 100% natural, and we prioritize quality at every stage of the production process. 


Our products are sourced with care and attention to ensure that every bite is a celebration of the natural world. From the earthy, robust flavors of our mushrooms to the sweet, juicy bursts of our berries, we believe that the finest flavors come from nature itself.


We're more than just a supplier of natural products - we're a company with a vision. We believe in promoting sustainable, ethical practices and supporting local communities, and we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment around us.

Fresh, dried, salted boletus and chanterelles, frozen boletus, chanterelles, boletus badius, velvet bolete, orange birch boletes
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