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Leading supplier of mushrooms berries, and snails

Let's make a connection if you are interested in local wild mushrooms and berries from the heart of Lithuania's forests.

ADEX LT is recognized as a leading supplier of mushrooms berries, and snails both for wholesale and retail purposes, with a reputation for excellence that is built on decades of experience and devotion to natural products, working closely with over 20 regions in Europe to source the finest natural products oriented to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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Pramonės str. 3A, Varėna

LT-65210, Lithuania

+370 620 49104

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Fresh, dried, salted boletus and chanterelles, frozen boletus, chanterelles, boletus badius, velvet bolete, orange birch boletes


Feel free to contact anyone from ADEXLT team member

Administration- Logistics Iveta Jakelevičiūtė

Administration- Logistics

Iveta Jakelevičiūtė

Director of ADEX LT_Toma Gulbinas

Director of ADEX LT

Tomas Gulbinas

Director of Sales & Business Development_Lauksvė Gulbinaitė

Head of Sales & Business Development

Lauksvė Gulbinaitė

Director of Commerce_Giedrė Jakelevičienė

Head of Commerce

Giedrė Jakelevičienė

Human Resources_Vaiva Balčiūnienė

Human Resources

Vaiva Balčiūnienė

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